Citizens for Safer Neighborhoods announces its support for Colorado Springs Ballot Issue 2A, which would establish a fee dedicated to dealing with the City of Colorado Springs’ crumbling stormwater drainage and flood prevention.

Although some may find it unusual that an association supporting efforts to allow retail marijuana sales in Colorado Springs would support the stormwater ballot measure, association members do business and live in Colorado Springs, and understand that the City is desperately in need of additional revenue to enhance safety and the quality of life.

According to spokesperson Michael Elliott, “Citizens for Safer Neighborhoods understands how important the measure is to our community – and although not perfect, it is a good first step in funding the City’s critical needs.”

About us

Citizens for Safer Neighborhoods is a group of dedicated Colorado Springs business professionals and advocates committed to enhancing safety and the economic vitality of the City by persuading either the City Council or its residents to allow retail marijuana establishments in Colorado Springs.

The doomsday predictions of the prohibitionists never came to pass. Since Amendment 64 passed in 2012, Colorado has experienced record economic growth, record tourism, and record job creation.

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