Colorado Springs Should Allow Licensed Retail Marijuana Establishments

A recent economic study determined that allowing licensed retail marijuana establishments in Colorado Springs would generate over $20 million a year in new tax revenue for Colorado Springs. That tax revenue can be used for community programming that will enhance our quality of life.

Since allowing licensed retail marijuana establishments, Colorado has seen record economic growth, record tourism, record job creation, and record property values increases. Colorado Springs needs to take advantage of the economic benefit of retail marijuana establishments.

Retail marijuana establishments are a heavily regulated industry in Colorado. Retail marijuana establishments must have a local and state license, as well as comply with strict security requirements and tough consumer safety protections.

Marijuana use and possession is already legal in Colorado Springs. Let’s make it safe by requiring it to be legally sold in licensed, regulated, and taxed businesses.

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About Citizens for Safer Neighborhoods

Citizens for Safer Neighborhoods is a group of dedicated Colorado Springs small business owners committed to enhancing safety and the economic vitality of Colorado Springs through reasonable regulation of marijuana, both medical and adult use.
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Citizens for Safer Neighborhoods

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