Colorado Springs Should Allow Licensed Retail Marijuana Establishments

Enhances Public Safety:

  • Undermines and defunds the black market, making our neighborhoods safer
  • Prevents underage use by requiring purchasers be 21 or over with valid identification
  • Supports and creates additional funds for local law enforcement

Improves the Economy:

  • Increases local tax revenue by over 20 million dollars each year
  • Enhances local economy and increases tourism, benefiting hotels, restaurants, and other local companies
  • Creates new jobs in engineering, construction, accounting, law, real estate, security, Insurance, HVAC Specialists, and other professional services
  • Increases property values
  • Increases construction for building and retrofitting shops and warehouses

Enhances Business & Community Viability:

  • Gives Colorado Springs citizens the choice to purchase legal, regulated, cannabis from licensed businesses
  • Reduces and eliminates black market
  • Creates reasonable regulation for the adult cannabis industry in Colorado Springs.

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About Citizens for Safer Neighborhoods

Citizens for Safer Neighborhoods is a group of dedicated Colorado Springs small business owners committed to enhancing safety and the economic vitality of Colorado Springs through reasonable regulation of marijuana, both medical and adult use.
For more information contact:
Citizens for Safer Neighborhoods

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